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Who are we?

ESCIMCO is a customer focused Supply Chain Consultancy and Interim Management company with a global scope, located in the Netherlands.

Multiple Material Flow Optimization (MFO) projects of various sizes and impact have been successfully executed in Europe, North America, Russia, Asia and the Pacific Rim, delivering solid results in improved delivery service, increased revenues, growth of profit, reduced operational expenses and increased cash flow.

Projects are approached with ESCIMCO’s mindset that “improvement has no limits …”, as the results of the executed projects clearly show.

By using a good blend of Industrial Engineering, Management Science and a pragmatic approach, while taking into consideration cultural differences, sustainable and solid solutions are identified and implemented.

Some of these solutions are creative to allow for break-throughs, other solutions are more “down to earth” to achieve similar results. Yet all the solutions have in common that they will be fully embraced and implemented in a short timeline.